Cheburashka is no doubt the most popular literature and animation character of all times in Russia.

 CheburashkaКрокодил Гена

Extremely popular in Japan where several new movies were produced recently.

Another one of the most popular of the author’s creations is «Prostokvashino». Extremely popular characters and stories.

As the agent of the author, we can offer licensing the brand name, merchandising rights and character rights for this character. All types of deals could be considered. Each separately or as a combination of: 

  • characters from the Cheburashka animation cycle (also popular are Gena the Crocodile, Shapoklyak Old Lady, etc);
  • literature stories from the cycle;
  • trade names (registered in Russia) or agreement to register such outside of Russia;
  • use of the pictures like the above.

The rights for the territories outside of Russia are available for licensing, except for a few merchandising licenses, mostly for Japan, expiring in 2018 – 2020. The rights for Russia and the CIS could be granted as well.

various Cheburashka

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