MediaExpert is headquartered in the suburbs of Moscow, Russia.

MediaExpert started its activities as provider of non-theatrical rights for feature films/movies in Russia and the CIS in 2016. We license feature films for colleges, universities, healthcare organizations, transportation, as well as schools, resorts, recreation parks, clubs and municipal theatres, etc. We can offer title-by-title rights, bulk licensing options, blanket licensing services for the huge market.

MediaExpert has concluded a deal with FILMBANK DISTRIBUTORS LIMITED to distibute films by 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros and Disney. We also distribute movies from Trustordisk, Hanway and other European studios.

MediaExpert also provides services like Television and Feature Film content management and sales, film runs tracking, film business legal services, film copyright registration, etc. 

We also represent such authors (their rightholders) as Isaac Babel and Eduard Uspensky 

Read more about no doubt the most popular literature and animation character of all times in Russia - Cheburashka  

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