The Hymn to the Great City

The Hymn to the Great City


Duration: 49 min.
Russia, 2015 – 2017,
directed by Andrei Efimov,
composers Victor Sologub and Alexei Karpov

Festivals and awards
International film forum “The Golden
knight”, 2016, Sevastopol, Crimea
39th Moscow international film
festival, 2017, Russia
First All-russian competition of films
about tourism and travel “Russia
inspires!”, 2017, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

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The documentary film about St. Petersburg is an integral artwork with an internal dramaturgy, largescale shooting and using the latest advances in image technology. The city is shown from different angles, and the spectator feels the beating of his pulse. The representatives of rare professions peculiar to our city are telling about St. Petersburg. For example, a keeper of clock collection in the Peter and Paul Fortress, a pilot carrying the ships along the Neva, a restorer of icons in the Russian Museum, a bell ringer of the St. Vladimir Cathedral, an astronomer at the Pulkovo Observatory.